Reef Restore

Replanting new corals in depleted reefs where restoration is possible. Recovering stray corals and replanting them in reefs.

Beach Cleanse

Cleaning our beaches, reefs and surrounding environments to create a healthy ecosystem around them.

Ocean Explore

Explore and discover new coral species that are more resistant and resilient towards global warming and ocean pollution.

Science Experiments

Research coral growth and gather scientific data. Invent new techniques to be used to speed up coral growth.


Influence and inspire local communities and foreign travelers and younger generation about the importance of coral reefs.

Protect Corals

Monitor corals, shield corals against hazards and collaborate with locals and authorities towards protecting corals.

Some of the nice things we do...

Nursing and replanting corals in the open ocean.

Explore the ocean for new coral species and marine life.

Influence people on the importance of beaches and the ocean.

Remove plastic and other harmful materials from beaches and sea.